Water Use Reporting

Water use information is essential to the understanding of the behavior and response of our water resources to stresses from water withdrawals. Such information also ensures that demand is managed effectively within the sustainable limits of our water supply. Water use information can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative water management policies, regulations, and conservation activities; assess the impacts of population growth and corresponding increases in water demands; develop trends in water use; and make projections of future demands.

In an effort to implement management policies of the Commission identified through the State Water Code, its Rules, and the Water Resource Protection Plan, well and stream diversion owners are required to document and report their total monthly water use so that our public trust resources can be better understood and managed for future generations.

Reported water use data, including pumpage, water level, and chloride, or diversion amounts, is entered into our Water Use Reporting database. Water Use Report forms are in the Applications & Forms page.

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