Kōke‘e Public Fishing Area

HAR 13-64

Map of Kokee Public Fishing Area

Location The Kōke‘e Public Fishing Area includes certain streams, reservoirs and ditches in the Kōke‘e State Park on Kaua‘i.
Permitted With a valid Freshwater Game Fishing License, to fish with one pole and line or one line using one baited hook attached to the single line, or possess any rainbow trout during the open season, as announced by the Department on or about January 1 every year, provided that all fishermen report before and after fishing activities to designated checking stations.
Anglers may fish daily between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm during the announced open season.
To use a dip net up to two feet in longest axis, excluding the handle, to land hooked trout.
To take up to the announced bag limit of trout per licensee per day during the open season, provided that additional legally taken trout may be possessed under refrigeration.
Prohibited To fish for, take or possess any rainbow trout except as described in permitted activities above.
To use any form of corn for bait.
To use treble hooks or more than one hook.
To possess spears, chemicals, trotlines, nets (except as indicated in permitted activities above) or other illegal fishing gear. To enter into or fish in the prohibited fishing zone along a portion of Kokee Stream and its tributaries above Camp Sloggett, or any other area which may be posted as a prohibited fishing zone.
To damage or mutilate any private or public property, or contaminate or pollute any stream, ditch, spring, water hole or reservoir.
To operate any vehicle in any fishing area except on roads for vehicular use, or use any aircraft to gain access for fishing purposes.