Mānele Harbor, Lāna’i

HAR 13-53

Map of Manele Harbor

Location Mānele Harbor is a small boat harbor on the southern coast of Lāna‘i. Area 1 refers to the shoreline portion of the entrance channel and basin, bounded seaward by a line connecting the seaward tip of the three groins along the shoreline. Area 2 refers to the breakwater portion of the entrance channel. Permitted activities should not be construed as allowing activities within any portion of the harbor which may otherwise be prohibited by laws or rules of the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation.
Permitted To use and possess crab nets, hand nets for shrimp, and landing nets within Areas 1 and 2, provided the net’s frame is no more than 3 feet in diameter (excluding handle).
To possess but not use nets on board vessels within Area 2.
Commercial fishers with a Bait License may use and possess nets within Areas 1 and 2 to take baitfishes.
Prohibited To use or possess any type of net within Areas 1 and 2 except as indicated in permitted activities above.