Day-Use Moorings



Like the walls of a castle, the living reefs in the waters surrounding Hawaii protect our islands from massive erosion due to damaging ocean waves. Please appreciate, but do not touch the coral reef. So fragile are coral polyps that touching or brushing against them can kill large swaths of a colony.

Damage from careless human activity may take years to be repaired, or may never be fully restored. Our ocean corals and our reefs need our help and protection. Damage to corals in Hawaii’s waters due to careless anchoring and chain scouring is something usually out of sight and out of mind… but it does happen and way more often than is thought. That’s why the Department of Land and Natural Resources suggests that our boaters make a conscious effort to make use of day-use moorings to avoid damaging corals.

Simple measures like day-use moorings can be employed to reduce human impact on the marine environment and help corals flourish so they may benefit our children and the generations to come. Day-use moorings are available on a first come, first served basis for recreational and commercial vessels. If the day-use mooring you are looking for is occupied, anchor in sand, drift while fishing or snorkeling/diving, or use a boat brake.

Day-use moorings can only be used for 2.5 hours at a time when another vessel is waiting to give every vessel a chance to use one. Please kokua and share the resources. This is our ocean, our kuleana, our Hawaii.


Hawaii Administrative Rules pertaining to Day-Use Moorings (HAR 257)

Reference locations of Day-Use Moorings (HTML)

Locate a Day-Use Mooring via Malama Kai Foundation

Download a handy publication for these waters:

Kauai Day-Use Mooring guide

Molokini/Lanai/Maui Day-Use Mooring guide

Oahu Day-Use Mooring guide