The Revocable Permit Process

The Board of Land and Natural Resources may issue revocable permits to a business entity for the temporary occupancy of state lands on a month-to-month basis by direct negotiation without public auction per HRS 171-55.   

Permits are issued and effective on a month-to-month basis and shall automatically terminate one year from the commencement date or unless any or all terms and conditions have not been met per agreement. 

Permits can be extended for another year upon approval by the Board at the entity’s request.  The Board may at any time increase or decrease the monthly rental with written notice of at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of change of rent.  To be considered eligible the business entity must comply with the minimum, standard permit conditions set by the Board.

The entity must:

  • procure and maintain, at their own cost and expense, in full force and effect throughout the term of the permit, general liability Insurance with an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of Hawaii in an amount of at least $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence and $2,000,000.00 aggregate and name the State of Hawaii, DLNR as an additional insured;
  • obtain a current and valid certificate of good standing through the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs; and
  • have the means to deposit with the Board an amount equal to two (2) times the monthly rental as a security deposit including the first month’s rent (or 10% of gross sales, whichever is greater) payable on or before the first day of the month the permit will be executed. 

Interested parties are welcome to conduct their own research and inquire about a parcel of land managed under a revocable permit and, at any time, submit a proposal to the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) on condition that they can successfully satisfy all permit conditions.

Revocable permits are issued on a month to month term thus allowing another entity to express interest for the premises and, upon board approval, enter into a revocable permit agreement for said premises.  Issuance of revocable permits do not require an auction to be held. 

If interested in applying for an existing RP, please use the fillable PDF form or print out an application form and submit it via e-mail to or to DOBOR Planning and Development Branch, 4 sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819.

Request for State Lands Application Form – PDF


Current Listing of Permits

  Permittee Holder Location TMK Acreage/Sq. Ft. Monthly Rent Land Use
1 Cates International, Inc. Keehi (1) 1-2-025:043 0.066 $2,625.00 Staging of vessels, feed storage for Ewa fish farm
2 DLNR Aquatic Resources Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $0 Gratis terms. Temporary office trailers, parking, and perimeter fence
3 Dolphin Excursions Hawaii, Inc. Waianae (1) 8-5-002:051 6,655 sq. ft. $846.67 Sale of ice, sundries, beverages, marine related items, cold storage
4 Dolphin Excursions Hawaii, Inc. Waianae (1) 8-5-002:044 (por) .91 acre $3,933 Storage boat yard/trailer
5 GKM, Inc. Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $7,311.45 Storage boat yard/trailer, employee parking
6 Hawaii Big Game Fishing Club, Inc. Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $1,080.00 Unpaved land for fishing/boating activities, public meetings, tournaments, youth groups
7 Hawaii Island Paddle Sports Association Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $673.33 Halau operations, meetings, storage of canoes, kayaks, equipment, race staging
8 Hawaii Petroleum, Inc. Keauhou, Kaila-Kona, and Kawaihae (3) 6-1-003:023, 7-5-006:039, 7-8-012:055 37.301 $101.400 Fuel delivery truck; one permit for 3 different harbor locations
10 Hawaiian Parasail, Inc. Ala Wai (1) 2-3-037:012 (por) 119.910 $264.26 36 sq. ft. patio to support the Permittee’s commercial parasail operations.
11 Honolulu Transpac, Ltd. Ala Wai (1) 2-3-037:012 (por) 0.016 $775.00 Headquarters for coordinating biennial transpac races.
12 Island Ice Company L.L.C. Kahului Ramp (2) 3-7-001:023 (por) 2.450 $251.81 Retail operation and automated ice machine on Kahului Boat Ramp
29 Island of Hawaii YMCA Kawaihae So (3) 6-1-003:022 (por) 23.686 $393.33 Storage, sailing, youth educational programs
13 Kaneohe Cultural Foundation  Heeia (1) 4-6-006:069 13.050 $0 Gratis, canoe/equipment storage
14 Keahole Point Fish, LLC  Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 2,046.67 Operations for ocean based aquaculture project
15 Kona Sailing Club Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 1,493 Storage trailer/boat, sail related equipment, educational/training, clear/grade
16 Lahaina Yacht Club Lahaina (2) 4-5-005:003 (por) 0.430 $153.33 Storage for sailing program
17 Maalaea Boat & Fishing Club Maalaea (2) 3-6-001:034 (por) 0.504 $866.67 Boat/fishing club, haul-out, self repair. Dry dock for self & public. 
18 Maalaea Charters, Inc. Maalaea (2) 3-6-001:002 (por) 31.967 $264.26 Office for commercial charter vessel, sales, activities
19 Maui Oil Company, Inc. Maalaea (2) 3-6-001:002 (por) 31.967 $105.700 Fuel delivery truck
20 Maui Petroleum, Inc. Maalaea (2) 3-6-001:002 (por) 31.967 $101.400 Fuel delivery truck
22 Na Kalai Wa’a Kawaihae So (3) 6-1-003:022 (por) 23.686 $1,373.33 Vessel/general storage, maintenance of imps, youth, education, community programs
24 Ocean Wings Hawaii, Inc. Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $516.13 Parked vehicle for sales of ocean activity photos, removed nightly
25 Outfitters Kauai, Ltd. Nawiliwili (4) 3-2-003:007:portion of 007 0.070 $931.72 Portable off/storage, parking, stage vessell/kayaks, river access 
26 Pacific Biodiesel Logistics, LLC Maalaea (2) 3-6-001:002 (por) 31.967 $101.400 Fuel delivery truck
28 Surf N’ Sea, Inc. Haleiwa (1) 6-2-003:039 (por) 0.087 $14,200.00 Hardware/sporting goods store
30 Trilogy Corporation Manele (2) 4-9-017:006 (por) 12.525 $330.87 Landscaping, open public pavillion
31 True Blue, Inc. Nawiliwili (4) 3-2-003:007:portion of 007 0.040 $554.64 Portable off/storage, parking, stage vessel/kayak, river access 
32 US Dept of the Interior Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 (por) 117.987 $0 Gratis, manage existing archeological features/anchialine ponds
34 Diamond Parking Lahaina (2)4-6-001:002 (por) 18,000 sq. Ft $1,700.00 Parking Concession
35 Horizons Pacific, Inc. Kailua Kona Pier (3) 7-5-006:039 (por) 63.25 sq. Ft $3,000 Maritime related activities, including concierge service, providing general island information, maps, restaurant guides, charter and tour information, cruise ship itineraries, trolley and bus schedules, affordable beach rental gear, sunscreen, cold refreshments and snacks.
36 Atlantis Submarines Hawaii, LLC Honokohau (3) 7-4-008:003 3,300 sq. Ft $3,000 Maritime related activities to support submarine tour operations
37 Lanai Resorts dba Pulama Lanai Manele SBH (2) 4-9-017:006 (por) 28,625 sq. Ft $833.33 Maritime related activities to support the maintenance and use of a floating dock in the Manele Harbor, Lanai
38 Coon Brothers Manele SBH (2) 4-9-017:006 (por) 5,280 sq. Ft $833.33 Maritime related activities to support the use of the loading dock space and adjoining water colum.
39 HBM, LLC Ala Wai (1)2-3-037:020 (por) .349 acre $6,000 Equipment storage and moorage of vessels
41 Welakahao Catamaran, Inc Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
42 King Parsons Enterprises, Ltd Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
43 Kepoikai, Ltd Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
44 Islands Beach Activities, Inc Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
45 Anela Kai Catamarans, Inc Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
46 Woodbridge Inc Waikiki (1) 2-6:seaward n/a $200 Catamaran off of Waikiki Waters
47 A&K Ventures Mala Ramp (2) 4-5-005 : parcel 19 .428 acre $3,614 Landscaping, maintenance and storage of small boats and trailers