Department of Land and Natural Resources
Hawai’i Administrative Rules
Title 13

Chapters Effective General Provisions
230 12/07/13 General Provisions
230-8 04/27/02 Definitions (SCUBA)
230-8 06/16/03 Definitions (Commercial Activity)
230-21 08/08/11 Personal partner
Chapters Effective Operations of Boats, Small Boat Harbors, and Permits
231-5 08/08/11 Period of validity and renewal of use permit
231-26 08/20/12 Use of a Vessel as a Place of Principal Habitation
231-28 08/08/11 Staying aboard a vessel moored at Ala Wai or Keehi SBH
231-29 08/08/11 Vessel used as a vacation site
231-58 06/16/03 Limitations on the number of commercial permits for vessels assigned permanent moorings
231-72 07/03/03 Small inter-island passenger vessel permit
231-86 11/15/99 Categories of berths; priority of allocation. (d) Lahaina boat harbor
Chapters Effective Sanitation and Fire Safety
232-43 04/22/04 Construction or improvements of structures
Chapters Effective Motor Vehicle and Parking Rules
233-26 11/13/14 Charges for parking
233-29 08/08/11 Eligibility for parking permits; fee per vehicle
Chapters Effective Fees and Charges
234-1 01/22/10 General statement  (Fees and Charges)
234-3 12/16/06 Mooring Rates
234-3 01/22/10 Mooring Rates
234-4 12/16/06 Mooring Rates for offshore mooring and anchoring
234-5 12/16/06 Mooring fees for vessels assigned temporary mooring or occupying moorings without permission
234-5 01/22/10 Mooring fees for vessels assigned temporary mooring or occupying moorings without permission
234-25 12/16/06 Fees for commercial vessels using state boating facilities, Kaneohe Bay ocean waters, and beaches of the State
234-34 12/16/06 User fee for recreational use of state boat ramps
235-0 06/16/03 Offshore Mooring Areas for Maui
Chapters Effective General Provisions
240-5 07/05/03 Definitions (Diver’s flag)
Chapters Effective Numbering of Vessels
241-8 06/16/03 Certificate of number to be carried aboard vessel; description
241-25 01/22/10 Fees and charges
Chapters Effective Vessel Equipment Requirements
243-1 07/05/03 Equipment required by vessels on state waters
Chapters Effective Rules of the Road; Local and Special Rules
244-15.5 11/10/12 Operation of Power Driven Vessels (Mandatory Education)
244-36 06/16/03 Kaanapali ocean waters, general restrictions
Chapters Effective Waterway Marking System
245-9 07/05/03 Diver’s flag
Chapters Effective General Provision
250-5 09/10/01 Definitions (Handboard, Skeg, Surf riding, Watercraft)
250-5 04/27/02 Definitions (SCUBA)
250-5 10/19/02 Definitions (Barge)
250-5 10/02/03 Definitions (Global Positioning System (GPS)
Chapters Effective Waikiki and Kaanapali Waters
251-31 06/16/03 Owner of passenger-carrying vessels, for-rent surfboards, for-rent sailboards, for charter or rent motorboats, or for-rent water sports equipment to give proof of financial responsibility
251-58 06/16/03 Kaanapali ocean waters, general restrictions
251-76 06/16/03 Commercial activities
Chapters Effective Local Ocean Waters
254-13 09/10/01 Definitions (Point Panic Ocean Waters)
254-14 09/10/01 Restrictions (Point Panic Ocean Waters)
Chapters Effective Ocean Recreation Management Rules
256 11/07/11 Hanalei Bay and Kaneohe Bay Commercial
256-3,4 09/25/14 Commercial use permit or catamaran registration certificate requirements
256-13 06/16/03 Mooring of rafts and platforms
256-16 10/31/14 Thrill craft operations; general provisions
256-18 07/05/03 Commercial thrill craft operations, commercial high speed boating and water sledding operations
256-18 08/08/11 Commercial thrill craft operations, commercial high speed boating and water sledding operations
256-22 10/02/03 Tow-in surfing
256-23 10/02/03 Oahu Tow-in surfing areas
256-24 10/02/03 Kauai Tow-in surfing areas
256-25 10/02/03 Maui Tow-in surfing area
256-33 08/08/11 Priority and procedures in the issuance of commercial use permits
256-36 11/30/00 Use of commercial vessels at the Hanalei River, Hanalei Bay ocean waters, and Anini Beach launching ramp
256-36 08/08/11 Repealed
256-50 10/19/02 Definition: South Shore Kauai ORMA
256-56 10/19/02 Wailua River restricted area
256-62 04/27/02 Waimea Bay Restricted Area is repealed
256-63 04/27/02 Sharks Cove. Three Tables and Waimea Bay ocean waters
256-73 06/23/11 Ahu O Laka Safety Zone
256-73.13 08/18/12 Ahu O Laka Safety Zone
256-109 06/16/03 Kaanapali Commercial Thrill Craft Areas
256-73.13 07/25/15 Ahu O Laka Safety Zone (Permanent Rule)
256-152 05/06/16 Kahaluu Bay ocean waters