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(HONOLULU) – Today, hope reigns for Lehua Island, as an operation commenced to make the island’s threatened wildlife safe from introduced, damaging, invasive rats. DLNR and its partners carried out carefully made plans to remove the invasive rats with support from Native Hawaiian and local communities. Dozens of Federal and State permits affirming that the operation poses very little risk to people, marine mammals, fish, sea turtles, birds, or other wildlife were secured in advance of the operation.

DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES News Release DAVID Y. IGE GOVERNOR SUZANNE D. CASE  CHAIRPERSON For Immediate News Release August 6, 2017 click on image to view video STATE MOVES FOREST CARBON PROJECT FORWARD 4,700 Acres Made Available for Reforestation to Generate Carbon Credits (Honolulu) – A first-of-its-kind initiative in Hawai‘i to use carbon ...
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