Hawai‘i Wood Innovations Steering Committee

The Hawai‘i Wood Innovations Steering Committee is a group of experts from various wood-related industries aiming to produce and initiate innovative, cross-sector ideas and projects that expand wood product markets in Hawai‘i. The Committee held its inaugural meeting on July 25, 2017 and is meeting on a quarterly basis, and includes experts from

Forestry Architecture Design Engineering
Wood Products Construction Marketing Cultural Practice


The main goal of the steering committee is to stimulate innovation and expansion of wood product markets in Hawaii, with a focus on wood-based building materials. Some of the committee’s tasks include:

  1. Identifying market obstacles for wood products and innovations such as lacking or incomplete building codes,
  2. Identifying innovative ways to increase the visibility of and demand for wood-based building materials,
  3. Identifying priorities for a proposal for the US Forest Service 2018 Wood Innovations Grant Program.


Some of the Committee Members and guests


Green Jobs for a Sustainable Forest Industry

As awareness and popularity of wood products increases, jobs will be created along the entire value chain of activities necessary to plan and implement projects within existing plantations, logging, transportation, processing, value-added manufacturing, and marketing. By demonstrating the use of innovative wood products, the Committee seeks to stimulate the forest products industry.

Hawaii Wood Utilization Survey

The purpose of the Hawaii Wood Utilization Survey is to provide a knowledge base on the most pertinent issues in the wood industry, as well as provide priorities for the Hawaii Wood Innovations Steering Committee’s work.