Current Applications

Note: Comments on any application should be sent directly to the applicant’s representative, with a copy  to OCCL

CDUA OA-3698: Waimalu Nature Center and Zipline Canopy Tour  (acceptance letter) (management plan)

Island:  Oʻahu
District: Waimalu
TMK: (1) 9-8-073:001
Applicant: Waimalu Holding Company LLC
Consultant:   Geometrician Associates, PO Box 396, Hilo, HI 96721. Contact: Ron Terry
Environmental Assessment (EA):  Final EA submitted May 2014. No FONSI. OCCL response. EIS Preparation Notice pending.
End of Public Comment Period: Finished.  3698 public and agency comments.
OCCL Staff: Michael Cain; 808-587-0048
Public Hearing:  Wednesday February 19, 2014. Waimalu Elementary School Cafeteria.  applicant’s handout.
Board Hearing:
180-Day Expiration: October 5, 2015 (extended to comply with EIS process)


CDUA KA-3714: Fields Single Family Residence (SFR) (CDUA exhibits) (CDUA figures) (acceptance letter)

Island:  Island of Kaua’i
District: Hanalei
TMKs:  (4) 5-3-001:016
Applicant:  James Fields (Kalihiwai Investors, LLC)
Consultant: James Fields
Environmental Assessment (EA): Draft EA
End of Public Comment Period:  August 7, 2014
OCCL Staff: Alex J. Roy
Public Hearing: N/A
Board Hearing: November 14, 2014 (3714 staff report) (approved as amended) 
180-Day Expiration: December 9, 2014


CDUA HA-3715: Conversion of Coffee Mill to Single Family Residence (after the fact); Subdivision (acceptance letter)

Island:  Hawaiʻi
District:  Pohoiki, Puna
TMK:   (3) 1-3-008:034
Applicant:   Merrill and Ida Smith
Consultant: Celia Shen, WCP Inc., 99-061 Koaha Way, Suite 208, `Aiea, HI  96701;; (808) 380-3851
Environmental Assessment (EA):  exempt
End of Public Comment Period:  August 22, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Michael Cain.  808-587-0048
Public Hearing:  not required
Board Hearing:  November 14, 2014 (3715 staff report) (approved as amended
180-Day Expiration:  January 6, 2015


CDUA OA-3718: Camp Pūpūkea Master Plan (acceptance letter)

Island:  Oʻahu
TMK:   (1) 5-9-005: 002 & 007
Applicant:   Aloha Council Boy Scouts of America
Consultant: PBR Hawai 1001 Bishop St. , Suite 650, Honolulu, HI, 96813 Contact: Tom Schnell, 521-5631
Environmental Assessment (EA):  Final EA. Appendices.  FONSI published October 23, 2014
End of Public Comment Period:  July 23, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Tiger Mills,  (808)-587-0382
Public Hearing: Not Required
Board Hearing:  November 14, 2014 (3718 staff report) (CDUP_OA-3718
180-Day Expiration:  December 6, 2014 


CDUA OA-3719:  Māmala Bay Seafood Moi Mariculture Facility  (management plan) (acceptance letter)

Island:  Oʻahu
District:  Honolulu
Location:   Reef Runway Borrow Pit, Keʻehi Lagoon
TMK:   offshore of (1) 1-1-003:005 (submerged lands)
Applicant:   John R. Cates, Māmala Bay Seafood, LLC
Consultant: Aquaculture Planning and Advocacy, John Corbin, President, 47-215 Iuiu Street, Kāneʻohe, HI, 96744;
Environmental Assessment (EA):  3719 Final EA, FONSI issued October 8, 2014
End of Public Comment Period, CDUA:   August 7, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Michael Cain, (808) 587-0048
Public Hearing:  6 p.m. Monday, July 28, Board of Land and Natural Resources Conference Room, Kalanimoku Building, 1151 Punchbowl, Honolulu, HI
Board Hearing:  December 12, 2014
180-Day Expiration:  December 22, 2014


CDUA HA-3720:  Expansion of Capacity at Blue Ocean Mariculture Facility (acceptance letter)

Island:  Hawaiʻi
District:  Kalaoa, North Kona
TMK:   offshore of  (3) 7-4-043:000 (submerged lands)
Applicant:   Blue Ocean Mariculture
Contact: Jennica Lowell, Research Manager; Blue Ocean Mariculture, 74-429 Kealakeha Parkway, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740;
Environmental Assessment (EA): Final EA, FONSI published October 8, 2014
End of Public Comment Period:  August 7, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Michael Cain, (808) 587-0048
Public Hearing:  6 p.m. Tuesday August 12, West Hawai’i Civic Center, Community Meeting Hale, 75-5044 Ane Keohokalole Highway, Kailua-Kona, HI  96740
Board Hearing:  October 23, 2014 (staff report) (approved as submitted)
180-Day Expiration: December 22, 2014


CDUA OA-3721:  CRM Wall and Concrete Swale (after the fact) (acceptance letter)

Island:  Oahu
District:  Ko’olaupoko
TMK:  (1) 4-2-004:001
Applicant:   John and Nancy Shaw
Contact: MDHE, LLC; Dawn Horn; (808) 225-7873
Environmental Assessment (EA):  exempt
End of Public Comment Period:  August 22, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Alex J. Roy, (808) 587-0316
Public Hearing: n/a
Board Hearing: n/a (departmental)
180-Day Expiration: December 30, 2014


CDUA MA-3723:  Nalu Ola West Subdivision (acceptance letter)

Island:  Maui
District:  Makawao
TMK:  (2) 2-5-004: 055, 068-070; 2-7-004: 007, 022, 048, 049, 052 – 056, and 058 
Applicant:   Makai Hana V
Contact: Munekiyo & Hiraga, Inc.; Bryan Esmeralda; (808) 225-7873
Environmental Assessment (EA):  exempt
End of Public Comment Period:  November 24, 2014
OCCL Staff:  Lauren Yasaka, (808) 587-0386
Public Hearing: n/a
Board Hearing: n/a (departmental)
180-Day Expiration: April 4, 2015


Note on public hearings: Any person may testify or present information on an application.  Disabled individuals planning to attend are asked to contact the OCCL staff at least three days in advance of the public hearing to indicate if they have special needs which require accommodation.