Standards For Review Submissions

To improve SHPD’s process of reviewing federal undertakings, the division asks that all notifications sent to our office, pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, contain the following information. The requested information is described in detail in the implementing regulations of the statute at 36 CFR Part 800, Subpart B, §§800.3 through 800.5. While many of SHPD’s federal partners already provide most or all of these items, division staff would appreciate it if all notifications to the SHPD office, pursuant to Section 106, follow this basic format. These materials should be submitted to the SHPO by the responsible Federal Agency.

Information you provide will ensure that historic properties listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register that may be affected by an undertaking receive due consideration, and that SHPD’s review comments are returned in a timely manner.

  1. Area of Potential Effect (APE) shown on a USGS quad map or other appropriate map. Please include the site plan of the APE with locations of historic sites and their relation to roads, public views, etc.;
  2. Tax Map Key number, including parcel and lot numbers, if relevant;
  3. A description of the undertaking, and the nature of Federal involvement. The description should include architectural plans and elevations, if applicable;
  4. The acreage of the APE;
  5. The steps taken to identify historic properties;
  6. Photographs of the existing conditions of the APE, and other pertinent subjects such as known historic properties;
  7. A summary of historic properties known or thought to be within the APE. If any historic buildings are within the APE, please include the date of construction, if known, or whether the age is known or an estimate;
  8. A determination of effect made by the relevant federal agency, and the basis for the determination (e.g., follows the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards);
  9. A request for SHPO’s review and comment on the determination of effect made by the relevant federal agency;
  10. Documentation showing consultation with local governments, Native Hawaiian Organizations, and other appropriate individuals and organizations, including discussion of any concerns raised;
  11. Name, telephone and facsimile numbers, and email address of the point of contact at your agency.

If SHPD receives a notification of a proposed undertaking, and any of these items is missing, the notification may be regarded as incomplete, and SHPD will not commence review of the proposed undertaking until the missing information is supplied. The 30-day review period will begin with the receipt of adequate and complete documentation on the proposed undertaking. SHPD will use the information you provide on your agency point of contact to notify you, in writing, as soon as possible of the information needed to complete the review.

The following types of information can be very helpful in SHPD’s review of a proposed undertaking. It is recommend that you include this information with the documentation provided to our office, as outlined above:

  • Land use history of the APE;
  • Reports or assessments of historic properties within or near the APE;
  • Oral historical information on historic properties within or near the APE, gathered through cultural assessments or other ethnographic work;
  • A statement on whether your agency believes that all of the historic properties in the APE have been identified, including Traditional Cultural Properties, and whether any group or individual has concerns about the possible destruction or damage to such properties.