State Register of Historic Places


churchThe State Historic Preservation Division is the official keeper of the Hawai`i Register of Historic Places.  The list formally recognizes districts, sites, structures, buildings and objects and their significance in Hawai`i’s history, architecture, archaeology, engineering and culture. 

Some of the other criteria considered by the board include association with events that have made a significant contribution to broad patterns of our history; association with the lives of persons significant in our past; possession of high artistic value; designs and techniques typical of a time period; or potential to yield information important in prehistory or history.


The Hawaii State Register formally recognizes properties possessing a documented level of significance and that contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the history or prehistory of a community, the state, or the nation.  Listing in the State Register has the following results for historic properties:

  • Formal recognition of a property’s importance to the history of the community and the state of Hawaii.
  • A body of information for local community planning, tourist promotion, neighborhood revitalization.
  • A sense of community history and local pride.
  • Eligibility to apply for state tax credits for restoration, rehabilitation, or preservation of Hawaii State Register properties.

There are no restrictions imposed by SHPD as to what private property owners may or may not do with their property.  Private property owners may alter or demolish a listed property subject only to applicable local government regulations and permitting procedures.  In some communities, properties listed in the State Register may be automatically designated as local landmarks.  Such landmark status may include the local review of proposed changes to the property through the application of design guidelines. 


You can nominate a property for listing on the Hawaiʻi and/or National Register of Historic Places. (Both Registers use the same form.)

A Registration Procedure flowchart can be found at:

Guidance on Hawaii’s Nomination Process: Register Process Guidance

PV on Historic Structures

Guidance for placing PV panels on your historic property can be found at: NAPC-Solar-Panel-Guidelines