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By TOM CALLIS Hawaii Tribune-Herald It’s almost time for the ‘alala to once again spread its wings over Hawaii Island’s forests. Hawaii’s last remaining native crow species, extinct in the wild for about 14 years, will begin to be released from a captive breeding program in September, with a dozen in all to be offered ...
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In collaboration with PacBio, scientists at San Diego Zoo Global and the University of Hawaii, Hilo have fully sequenced the genome of the ‘Alalā, or Hawaiian crow and shared the results of this effort at the recent annual Plant and Animal Genomics XXIV Conference in San Diego. The ‘Alalā was once reduced to a population ...
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Public Talk at Mountain View Public & School Library Presented by our Project Coordinator, Jackie Gaudioso-Levita Monday, March 14, 2016 6:30pm 18-1235 Volcano Hwy.; Tel. 968-2322

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