Posted on Mar 25, 2020 in Announcements, Main

UPDATE: 3/25/2020

Aloha Valued BOC Customers,

First, we hope all is safe for you, your staff and Ohana at home with all of the COVID-19 concerns and with the “stay at home” orders now being issued.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as the BOC does it’s part with social distancing to keep you and our staff safe during this concerning time.

Please continue to submit your documents for recording via mail or eRecording through one of our pre-approved vendors.

For ALL BOC Customers Utilizing Couriers or Messengers,

Starting Fri, 3/27/2020, we will be implementing the following procedure to ensure that everyone can still submit documents on a regular basis and can plan/coordinate their efforts accordingly:  

  • Drop off time                             10:00a                   Messenger bin marked “IN”
    Pick-up time                               3:00p                     Messenger bin marked “OUT”

Adhering to this schedule will be critical so the BOC can complete and return work on a timely basis;  LATE PACKAGES WILL BE RETURNED FOR RESUBMITTAL THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

  • Documents should be in large envelopes so they can be returned in the same envelope;  Office name, contact person name & phone #, messenger name & phone # should be clearly printed on envelopes. NO CASH OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS should be submitted, ONLY CHECKS OR USPS MONEY ORDER.
  • Because the BOC is balancing volume with resources, there is no guarantee that documents will be recorded on the same day;  Rejections will need to be corrected and re-submitted the following business day.
  • SUBMIT YOUR DOCUMENTS IN SEPARATE ENVELOPES BY REGULAR SYSTEM OR LAND COURT. (Double system can be placed in either envelope depending on the kind/# of documents you are submitting for the day)

To the Couriers and Messengers:

  1. You must take the responsibility to coordinate the above timing with your clients and ensure that all envelopes have the required contact information on it,
  2. You should be tracking what you’re taking in and what you get back to ensure you have all the documents you are expecting have been accounted for,
  3. We need you all to be EXTRA CAREFUL THAT YOU ARE RETRIEVING THE CORRECT PACKAGES and not anyone else’s packages.

We will be respecting everyone’s ability to follow the above instructions and don’t anticipate any issues however, THE BOC WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MISPLACED DOCUMENTS and will rely on the integrity and professionalism of our customers and their respective couriers/messengers to prevent that situation from ever happening.  Please know that the BOC will do all it can to make this process work and in the very unlikely situation that too many issues arise that make this untenable, we will be forced to accept only USPS mail or e-recording. 

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and support of this process so we can get through this difficult time.    I also thank you in advance for directing  any questions/issue you may have as we work through this process directly to your courier or messenger service as I will not be able to respond to each of you given the many other priorities we are currently juggling at the BOC. 


Leslie Kobata
Registrar of Conveyance
DLNR, Bureau of Conveyance


For questions email to: [email protected]


Bureau of Conveyances Public Reference Room


(Effective March 18, 2020)

The Bureau of Conveyances Public Reference is closed until further notice as precautionary measures due to Covid-19.  Please access our online resources at https://boc.ehawaii.gov/docsearch/search.html

Your patience and understanding with these inconveniences and continuously changing circumstances is greatly appreciated.