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2021 Report to the Legislature: Identification of Rivers and Streams Worthy of Protection

January 19, 2021 Commission Meeting Agenda and Submittals

December 2020 Commission Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Water Resource Bulletin

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January 2021 Water Resource Bulletin

PERMIT REVIEW: SCAP.5513.3, Stream Channel Alteration Permit Application, H-3 Hālawa Viaduct Pier 26 Riprap Revetment Project, North Hālawa Stream, Hālawa, Oʻahu, Tax Map Key: (1) 9-9-073:023

NEWS RELEASE: Public Hearings Scheduled for Input on the Update to the State Water Projects Plan

NEWS RELEASE: Adoption of the Pearl Harbor Water Shortage Plan

2021 Commission Meeting Schedule

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2021 Commission Meeting Schedule

Updated Well Completion Report Form – Part 2

November 2020 Commission Meeting Minutes