Ann Marie Kirk

Ms. Kirk is a surfer, fisher, diver and paddler and is a member of the Hui Nalu Canoe Club and has spent many years in community education for Maunalua Bay. She has been involved in Maunalua Bay for over 45 years, and says “I have spent many years working with community in caring for and educating community about Maunalua bay, it’s history and culture and creating sharing the history of Maunalua and Maunalua Bay. Ms. Kirk has experience working on cultural and historical projects, and says, “I have worked on numerous issues that involved both commercial and community interests and have always been guided by what is fair for both parties involved.”


Makani Christensen

Mr. Christensen currently conducts the following fishing activities in the bay: Part Time Commercial Fishing, Throw netting, Fly Fishing Guide, spearfishing guide, and light tackle fishing guide. In addition to his fishing pursuits, Mr. Christensen surfs and dives frequently, and currently serves as Chairperson for both the Hunting, Farming, and Fishing Association, and the Aha Moku Council of Oahu.   He is a volunteer with the Honolulu Community Action Program and Access Surg. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Christensen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography and has served in the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Christensen believes that “Both Commercial and Recreational usage impact Maunalua Bay. Both commercial and recreational usage helps small business and drives our economy.”


Sam Montgomery

Sam Montgomery has a deep love of Maunalua Bay and assisted in the establishment of Friends of Maunalua Bay to aid in the stewardship of bay resources. Montgomery’s vision for Maunalua Bay includes seeing the bay “remain a [waterman’s] playground for my family and friends to enjoy for many years to come.” Montgomery’s connection to the bay includes family, business, and recreation: “My family uses the bay daily for ocean recreation and our living. We surf, dive, and fish on the bay every day and love Maunalua Bay. I own two watersports companies and a home the Hawaii Kai marina and would like to see the bay open, healthy and thriving for future generations.” Mr. Montgomery believes he would provide fair representation for both commercial and recreational interests.


Linda Krieger

Ms. Krieger has been surfing at Paiko since her childhood, and paddles with Hui Nalu. She also dives and free dives in the bay and has knowledge of the bay and the reefs dating back to the 1960s. She has extensive non-profit directorial and public outreach experience and is skilled at public outreach and education, program evaluation and fundraising. She has also completed fundraising and program management in her role as Chair of the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission and director of the Ulu Lehua Scholars program at UH. She says that, as a resident of Niu Valley for over half a century, she “[understands] how every individual perspective is part of a larger whole. East O’ahu needs businesses to serve residents’ needs for everything from medical services to food to jobs. Commercial enterprises like dive shops, wildlife tour boats, surf shops, etc… give people opportunities to experience and come to love the ocean and its “residents.” All stakeholders must work together to find solutions.”


Danny Loui

Mr. Loui has relied on Maunalua Bay for recreation, for nearly fifty years engaging in canoe and stand up paddling, surfing, snorkeling and swimming as well as enjoying the view-planes of the Bay. He is a member of the Hui Nalu Canoe Club, the Ka Iwi Coalition, Liveable Hawaii Kai Hui, and He feels that management “does not come from an individual voice, but has to fairly represent community members whether they be recreational or commercial users. Fairness is achieved for both sides when the shared goal is identified and worked toward. I recognize the goal. The goal is always to look at Maunalua holistically from mauka to makai and to work toward what is best for Maunalua being guided by community members and community voice.”


Jeffrey Krantz

Mr. Krantz has owned and operated a Jet Ski and Parasailing Company in Maunalua Bay for over twenty-eight years. Mr. Krantz participated in the establishment of thrill craft zones in Maunalua Bay with DLNR and considers himself an avid fisherman, recreational boater and bay steward. Mr. Krantz has been involved in numerous public outreach and educational events including working with children and schools as well as included legislation and committee reporting for a number of years on both environmental and commercial activities. Mr. Kranz states that, “As a long time steward of Mauanalua Bay, I have both an environmental perspective and an understanding of commercially sustainable activities for our bay. I am fair and balanced and able to understand all sides of these complicated issues.”