Reports Related to Proposed Fee Increase

The Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) is proposing to increase amounts for mooring fees, launch ramp use fees, and various other boating facility-related fees.

In order to provide the most transparency possible into the costs of operating the small boat harbor program, DOBOR staff have prepared the following for public viewing:

(1) A current list of deferred maintenance projects for the small boat harbor program, which consists of small boat harbors, boat launching ramps, and wharves and piers.

(2) Calculations of revenues and expenses by harbor.

(3) Estimations of projected revenue at major harbors in each DOBOR district, using proposed fee amounts.

Proposed fee amounts for moorings are based on independently appraised values and do not include the costs of deferred maintenance. The appraisal report used to determine mooring fees is available here.


Without adequate funding, DOBOR is forced to defer many maintenance projects depending on priority.  DOBOR requests capital improvement project funding from the Legislature each year in an effort to complete deferred maintenance projects and avoid drastic increases in fee amounts.  However, due to funding constraints and funding priorities, DOBOR is unable to keep up with its backlog of deferred maintenance projects.