Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve Mauka Ungulate Control Program Lottery Results

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in Announcements

Link to the Puu Waawaa (PWW) Forest Reserve Mauka Ungulate Control Program Lottery Results from Wednesday, August 12, 2015, which took place at the Hunter Education Office in Kamuela, HI. 

Total Applications Received: 72

Total Applications Drawn: 72

Percentage of Applications Drawn: 100%

Total Individual Applicants: 231

Total Individual Applicants Drawn: 231

Percentage of Individual Applicants Drawn: 100%

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There were 350 available slots for hunters to be selected in our Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve Mauka Ungulate Control Program. To accommodate for the high demand for hunting in this area as shown in previous years, we initially decided to limit the hunting trips to one (1) hunt per hunter. However, we unexpectedly received very few applicants for this year’s program. There were a total of 231 applicants. Consequently, there were several unfilled hunting slots after the first draw. Under these circumstances,we decided to redraw from the overall applicant pool to fill the remaining hunting slots. Therefore, some applicants were selected to hunt on multiple dates. 

To accommodate all interested hunters we will be removing the 1 day hunting limit. Hunters will now be allowed to hunt on their selected date(s) and/or hunt as standby participants whether they applied to hunt or not. Hunters will be allowed, as space is available, to hunt in the PWW Mauka section throughout the entirety of the program (August 29 – September 13, weekends and State holidays only) until their non‐typical ram tag is filled. Hunters that were drawn on specific dates will be allowed to enter the hunting area at 5:00 am on their selected date(s). Hunters that were selected but would like to hunt on a date(s) that they were not selected will be allowed to standby. Hunters that did not apply, but would like to will also be allowed to standby. Standby hunters will be allowed access on a first‐comefirst‐served basis as space is available (limit of 50 hunters in the area) after 9:00 am on the day of the program.