If you’re interested in learning more about a particular place, species, or topic, DOFAW provides a number of ways to get more information online. That includes webpages about places and species, videos, virtual tours, and online learning tools like StoryMaps. StoryMaps are a great way to explore information online. StoryMaps are a lot like webpages, but they’re built with more options to include interactive webmaps, videos, and photos. Not all of the learning tools below are made through the ESRI StoryMaps tool: some are interactive PDFs or other formats. But, they’re all designed to help you learn more about what interests you. We’ve organized our content here by place, starting with statewide topics or general issues that aren’t tied to a particular place. If you’re interested in stories about a particular place, scroll down or jump to our Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Maui Nui, or Hawaiʻi Island StoryMaps.


An image of a wetland an bird linking to a StoryMap on wetlands in Hawaiʻi
An image of an ohia tree linking to more info on ohia
An image of Christmas berry linking to a storymap on Christmas berry biocontrol
An image of albizia trees along a road linking to a storymap on albizia

Kauaʻi StoryMaps

An image of Lehua island linking to a Lehua storymap

Oʻahu StoryMaps

An image of Kawainui Marsh linking to a StoryMap
An image of Hāmākua Marsh linking to a StoryMap

Maui Nui StoryMaps

Maui StoryMaps coming soon

Hawaiʻi Island StoryMaps

Hawaiʻi Island StoryMaps coming soon