The videos below were either produced by DLNR, with funding or staffing support from DLNR, or by DLNR partners. 

Forests for Life

Forests sustain and enrich our lives in many ways. In addition to protecting the unique plants and animals in our forests, DLNR DOFAW explores some of the ways that forests support our communities, through the production of water, wood, & more.

FORESTS FOR LIFE-COMPLETE 58:30 from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.


Saving ‘Ōhi‘a

This Emmy-Award-Winning documentary explores the ecological and cultural importance of ‘ōhi‘a, as well as the ways that partners are fighting back against Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death, a fungal pathogen that threatens this cherished tree. The documentary was produced by the Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species, a project of the UH Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, with funding from the Hawai‘i Invasive Species Council.


The Rain Follows the Forest

Jason Scott Lee sets out on a journey to learn about sustainable life in our island home. Through interesting conversations, he learns about Hawaii’s fragile fresh water supply and discovers connections to our upland forest environment.

The Rain Follows The Forest from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.


Lehua Island: Restoration of a Tropical Bird Paradise

Journey to Lehua Island off the west coast of Kaua‘i, where partners work hard to remove invasive rats in order to create a safe haven for native birds.

Lehua Island-Restoration of a Tropical Bird Paradise BROADCAST COPY from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.


Endangered Forest Birds of Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i is home to a number of endangered forest birds found nowhere else on the planet. Journey to mauka habitats to meet some of these special species.

The Endangered Forest Birds of Hawaii from Hawaii DLNR on Vimeo.