2022 Proposed Reserves

2022 Proposed Reserves

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Aloha! Forestry and Wildlife is looking for your input as we propose to add new land parcels to our network of protected reserves. Please read the description below, view our web map showing all proposed land designations, and then share your voice using the comment box at the bottom of this page.


Proposal Summary

The Division of Forestry and Wildlife is proposing that nearly 100 land parcels across Hawaiʻi be protected as part of our network of Forest Reserves, Natural Area Reserves, and Wildlife Sanctuaries. These land parcels are already “state lands,” but are currently not managed for environmental protection or particular public use. Designating these parcels as part of our reserve and sanctuary system will help Forestry and Wildlife better manage and protect these public resources.

At its November 10, 2022 meeting, the Board of Land and Natural Resources approved staff to collect public input on the proposals to protect these parcels. Parcels would either be designated as extensions of existing reserves (e.g., a land parcel next to Kanaio Natural Area Reserve could be added to that reserve in order to expand the reserve boundary) or as new reserves.


Web Map of Proposed Land Designations

The web map below shows all of the proposed reserve parcels that are part of this public input process. Proposed Forest Reserves are highlighted in green, proposed Natural Area Reserves in purple, and proposed Wildlife Sanctuaries in light blue. Existing reserve lands that are already managed by Forestry and Wildlife are shaded in gray. Users can click on any parcel to see information about that parcel, including a short description of why the parcel is being considered for additional protection. For some reserves, the pop-up informational window will also provide a link to a PDF fact sheet describing the parcel in greater detail, or a link to a county real property assessment database. If the map below does not load, try viewing it in a new browser window


Share your voice: Submit a comment on this proposal

You can submit a comment on this proposal in multiple ways:

  • Attend and comment at a public meeting: The Division is planning to hold public hearings on these proposed reserves. Dates for those meetings have not yet been determined. The meetings may be virtual.
  • Submit a comment online using the comment box below: You can comment on the overall proposal, or on any particular parcel.
  • Send us a comment via mail: Mail your comment to Leah Volak, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Department of Land and Natural Resources, 1151 Punchbowl St, Rm 325, Honolulu, HI, 96813. You can also email [email protected].
  • Drop by our offices in person: You can find our office locations and hours on our Contacts page.

Comments are welcome now. A closing deadline for comments will be determined later once meetings are scheduled. Your comments will be collected by Forestry and Wildlife staff and carefully considered when developing a final proposal to go to the Board of Land and Natural Resources, which will be heard in a public meeting noticed on the state calendar. If you have questions, you can contact [email protected].

If you would like to comment on a specific land parcel, you can enter a name or tax map key (TMK) number for that parcel here (you can find TMK numbers by clicking a parcel in the web map above). If you do not enter a name parcel, we will consider your comment as being applicable to the overall proposal package for all of the parcels in the above web map. (text input limit: 100 characters)
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