Kokee Rare Plant Facility – FY 2009 Report


To increase the survival of the rarest Kauai plant species by increasing the number of species currently being propagated and outplanted at Kokee Rare Plant Facility. This project will increase the genetic diversity of outplanted species as they are introduced into protected areas within their historic range. Some plant materials may be distributed to cooperator nurseries for scientific study and to maintain representative gene pools of selected species.


Two full time positions were funded to increase the propagation of species and to establish these species back into their natural habitat. A full time horticulturist was hired to enhance the native species propagation and outplanting efforts on Kauai’s Division of Forestry and Wildlife’s managed lands. The second position focused on the outplanting and maintenance of fenced outplanting locations. A third position was assigned to assist in the maintenance and outplanting.

Nineteen listed plant species for Kauai were propagated and outplanted during this reporting period. The planting locations were Kalalau Rim, Nualolo, Polihale, Kaaweiki, Hanalei, and Wailua. In addition to these listed species, 23 additional Hawaiian native plants were propagated at Kokee Rare Plant Nursery. These listed plant species include:

Alsinidendron lychnoides (8), Canavalia napaliensis (18), Delissea rhytidosperma (4), Dubautia latifolia (10), Flueggea neowawraea (5), Hibiscus clayi (2), Hibiscus kokio ssp. saintjohnianus (3), Hibiscus waimeae ssp. hannerae (2), Labordia lydgatei (15), Melicope paniculata (2), Myrsine knudsenii (8), Myrsine linearifolia (42), Nothocestrum peltatum (1), Peucedanum sandwicense (10), Phyllostegia renovans (18), Poa sandvicensis (50), Psychotria hobdyi (3), Remya kauaiensis (3), and Solanum sandwicense (20)

Non-listed Hawaiian plants include:  Acacia koa (430), Alyxia stellata (8), Artemisia australis (30), Bidens cosmoides (7), Bidens sandvicensis (13), Boehmeria grandis (15), Calophyllum inophyllum (4), Dianella sandwicensis (15), Dodonaea viscosa (102), Eragrostis variabilis (207), Hibiscus waimeae ssp. waimeae (41), Lysimachia glutinosa (21), Pandanus tectorius (10), Pipturus albidus (1), Pittosporum gayanum (31), Pleomele aurea (1), Pritchardia minor (61), Rubus hawaiensis (9), Scaevola procera (45), Urera glabra (1), and Wikstroemia furcata (7).

One of the highlights of this year’s project was a field survey in August 2008 revealing a new population of Solanum sandwicense and Lobelia yuccoides in the Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve. Also a singular tree of Xylosma crenatum was monitored for seed but none were produced.