Kokee Rare Plant Facility – FY 2010 Report

This project included the propagation and out-planting of 524 native Hawaiian plants of which 12 are listed endangered species and 3 are rare Kauai species. These species were out-planted at the Kalalau Rim, Nounou Mountain, Polihale Ridge, Wailua Experiment Station, and 3 sites within the Kuia Natural Area Reserve (Nualolo, Paaiki, Mahanaloa). Propagation and hardening of these Hawaiian plant species for out-planting was accomplished at the Kokee Rare Plant Facility. The native plant propagation and out-plantings continued throughout the year by Kauai District personnel and volunteers.

These species included: Alsinidendron viscosum (7), Alsinidendron lychnoides (4), Bidens cosmoides (2), Delissea kauaiensis (236), Embelia pacifica (1), Hibiscus brackenridgei (90), Hibiscus clayi (9), Lobelia niihauensis (38), Nothocestrum peltatum (2), Pritchardia aylmer-robinsonii (13), Remya kauaiensis (45), Schiedea helleri (3), Solanum sandwicense (3), and Wilkesia hobdyi (5).

Hibiscus clayi collected by DOFAW personnel from the Nounou Mountain exclosure provided out-planting stock needed for propagation and planting back into the original site. Gardenia remyi and Tetraplasandra bisattenuata was planted at this site. Staff controlled invasive species such as clidemia and guava and maintained 480’ of fencing.

Bonamia menziesii, Caesalpinia kavaiensis, and Marattia douglasii exclosure within the Kekaha Game Management Area: Kahelunui Valley was weeded and 2,720’ of fencing repairs were completed.

Staff maintained, weeded, and out-planted in the Wailua Experiment Station site: Outplanting of Hibiscus clayi (9) and maintained 2,600’ of fencing.

Staff repaired the fence (1,530’) protecting 22 Isodendrion laurifolium in Kahoaloha Valley. This site is showing the recovery of ferns and the flowering of the Isodendrion.
Kaulaula (Kepapa) exclosure fence (1,668’) was maintained and protects Wilkesia hobdyi, Pritchardia napaliensis, and Munroidendron racemosum.

Kahoaloha exclosure (Lapa) was out-planted with Caesalpinia kavaiensis, Kokia kauaiensis, and Hibiscadelphus distans. Fencing (3,536’) was maintained and noxious weeds were controlled throughout the reporting period.

Kalalau Rim exclosure was planted with 11 common native species and 2 listed species (Myrsine knudsenii, Myrsine linearifolia). Also growing are Alsinidendron viscosum, Hibiscadelphus distans, Chamaesyce halemanui, Lipochaeta micrantha, Solanum sandwicense, Phyllostegia waimeae, Lobelia yuccoides, Dubautia latifolia and Kokia kauaiensis. The Kawaikini Charter School of Kauai volunteers assisted in weeding and out-planting. Staff cleared 1 acre of weeds and brush.

Kawaiele Sanctuary was out-planted with Sesbania tomentosa, Panicum niihauensis, and Scaevola coriacea and was maintained by staff and volunteers.

The El Nino weather pattern caused the lack of good winter rains, affecting the flowering and fruiting of the native flora. Plant material from National Tropical Botanical Gardens helped in the establishment of native species at various out-planting sites. The lack of state funds reduced the number of field assistants to carry out the maintenance and out-planting. Late fiscal year approval for a helicopter contract adversely affected the Division’s ability to carry out project demands to access remote out planting sites.