Olinda Rare Plant Facility – FY 2006 Report


  1. Finalize grading site work. Cut and grade for greenhouse pads, roads and parking area.
  2. Planting and establishment of Metrosideros trees for snail enclosure.
  3. Organize volunteers and construct greenhouses.
  4. Transfer seedlings to completed propagation structures.


  1. Grading would have been completed in April if it were not for wet weather conditions and the start of the bird nesting period (Maui Bird Conservation Center is located next to the Olinda facility, noisy construction is not possible during breeding season). Grading to resume in September.
  2. Metrosideros trees to be installed above graded area to establish enclosure for snail propagation as soon as irrigation is available.
  3. Awaiting funds for miscellaneous building materials. Irrigation infrastructure is necessary before construction can begin. Hoophouse structure will be the first to go up; volunteers will assist as soon as materials are secured. Construction is expected to be complete by year’s end.
  4. Propagation of 108 Cyanea magnicaylx, 2 Cyanea lobata, 8 Dubautia plantaginea, 24 Phyllostegia stachyoides, 73 Pritchardia elliptica, and 6 Phyllostegia mollis are presently being grown at a lower elevation nursery. These will be moved up to the Olinda site as soon as growing structures are completed.