Olinda Rare Plant Facility – FY 2007 Report


  1. Complete nursery site work, grading of building pads, and basic irrigation
  2. Construction of hoophouse
  3. Propagation of rare and endangered Maui Nui plants


Complete nursery site work, grading of building pads, and basic irrigation. Grading of the site was completed in July 2007. Building pads and drainage retention basins are in place. An entry gate for security was installed by volunteers. Much weed control has been required since the clearing of the site with ongoing problems of Ulex europaeus and Rubus argutus. Weed mat will be installed on most open areas to mitigate this problem. A lockable storage container was moved up from the State baseyard and is being used to store construction materials.

Construction of hoophouse. Gravel and weed mat were obtained for first building site. With the help of the DLNR Maui NARS staff and an Americorp crew, footings were dug and cemented in late May. Irrigation trenches were dug and pipes were put in place by various volunteers. The hoophouse is now in construction, the main framing is complete. The roof covering, doors, and sides will be completed within the coming year. Benches are on-site and will be installed along with additional irrigation as soon as structure is complete.

Plants propagated at an off-site nursery and outplanted are: 100 Cyanea magnacalyx, and 27 Phyllostegia stachyoides. Other plants propagated off-site include Cyanea lobata, Dubautia plantaginea, Pritchardia elliptica, Lysimachia maxima, Bidens conjuncta, and Schieda pubescens.