Olinda Rare Plant Facility – FY 2008 Report


  1. Complete nursery site work, grading of building pads, and basic irrigation
  2. Construction of hoophouse
  3. Propagation of rare and endangered Maui Nui plants


Site work on the project area is complete and construction was finished on one propagation structure November 2007. The first plants were brought over from an Olinda RPF cooperator, Kauai’s National Tropical Botanic Gardens.

These plants were held until they could be outplanted:

(2) Kadua laxiflora, (4) Cyanea maritae, (2) Cyanea magnicalyx, (4) Cyanea glabra, (9) Cyanea lobata, (1) Melicope mucronulata, (2) Labordia triflora, (12) Stenogyne sp., (1) Pritchardia munroi

Propagules received and propagated at ORPF:

Cyanea magnicalxy, Cyanea lobata, Dubautia plantaginea, Phyllostegia stachyoides, Ochrosia haleakalae, Cyanea horrida, Peperomia subpetiolata, Stenogyne sp., Cyanea dunbariae, Cyanea lobata baldwinnii, Cyanea gibsonii, Cyanea asplenifolia, Labordia tinifolia, Cyanea duvalliorum, Alectryon micrococcus, Cyanea maritea, Phyllostegia hispida, Melicope adscendens, Plantago princeps, Schiedea laui, Gardenia brighamii, Wikstroemia villosa

Plants outplanted:

(2) Cyanea maritae, (4) Cyanea lobata, (1) Melicope mucronulata, (1) Pritchardia munroi, (72) Phyllostegia hispida. Outplanting of Phyllostegia hispidia is very significant as it was considered extinct in the wild until recently discovered by staff from the Plant Extinction Prevention (PEP) Program and from The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii- Molokai staff.

The facility has received over 136 volunteer hours. We are grateful to our partners, Maui Natural Area Reserve (NAR) staff for help with laying out and building footings, Leeward Haleakala Watershed Restoration Partnership for their help in getting the roof on the hoophouse, Windward Aviation for flying plants over from Kauai, Maui Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) crew, and Americorp for cinder delivery and various private individuals.

Constant weed control is necessary around the nursery, power tools are not used during bird nesting season (Maui Bird Conservation Center is a very close neighbor); most weeding is done by hand.