Olinda Rare Plant Facility – FY 2010 Report

Additional funding for deer fencing became available this year, but fence construction was not completed due to the bird breeding season at the nearby Maui Bird Conservation Center. Fence construction should be completed in 2011. Additional outdoor growing areas will be immediately available at this time. Replanting of Metrosideros for the intended snail propagation project will also commence. Groups from Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps worked for 2 days to eliminate invasive plants (mostly Ulex europaeus) around the perimeter of the nursery. More weed matting was laid down to keep Senecio madagascariensis at bay. Seeds of this plant are able to find their way through shadecloth and germinate in the greenhouse. Plant material that was propagated last year has been out-planted. At present, the nursery is quickly being filled with seedlings that will be out-planted this winter season.

Plants and number of individuals out-planted this year:

Cyanea duvalliorum (208), Wikstroemia villosa (4), Gardenia brighamii (9), Stenogyne kauaulaensis (95), Melicope adscendens (2), Phyllostegia haliakalae (3), Cyanea horrida (34), Cyanea magnicalyx (3), Dubautia plantaginea subsp. humilis (15), Cyanea kunthiana (9), Plantago princeps var. laxiflora (9), Schiedea jacobii (7), Kadua laxiflora (25), Phyllostegia mannii (1), Abutilon eremitopetalum (1), Gouania hillibrandii (15)

Assisted DOFAW with the following more common species for restoration projects on Maui:

Xylosma hawaiiense (500), Mysine lanaiensis (500), Ochrosia haleakalae (35), Dodonaea viscosa (5), Coprosma foliosa (10), Dianella sandwicensis (50), Syzygium sandwicensis (2), Charpentiera obovata (2), Clermontia kakeana (15), Labordia tinifolia (30), Pisonia brunoniana (4), Melicope hawaiensis (6), Panicum nephelophilum (1)