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Current Rules

Proposed Rules and Reasoning

[(a)](b) Commercial harvest permits.  The board or its authorized representative may issue permits for the purpose of purchasing[,] and harvesting[, and removing] forest products from a forest reserve [(e.g., timber, seedlings, greenery, tree fern, cinder, and lava rock)].

Reasoning for proposed change: Examples of forest products have been removed from this provision, instead a new definition of forest product is proposed for inclusion in HAR §13-104-2 (see Definitions).

[(c)] (1)  Each application for a commercial harvest permit shall be considered on its own merits, including its potential effect on [the premises] forest reserve resources and the public’s use and enjoyment of the forest reserve[.]; provided further that tree harvesting shall be done in accordance with a management plan as required by section 183-16.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Reasoning for proposed change: This proposed change reaffirms HRS §183-16.5, which states that harvesting of trees require a management plan.  An overwhelming majority of commercial harvest permits are issued for non-timber forest products like bamboo stalks, bamboo shoots, maile, etc. and thus do not involve tree harvesting.

[(d) Permits will not be issued for harvesting material for direct resale.]

Reasoning for proposed change: DOFAW proposes to repeal this provision which prohibits the direct resale of timber harvested under a commercial harvest permit.  The cost of mobilization, harvesting and hauling of forest products, especially timber, can account for over 50% of potential harvest revenue.  Mobilization adds value to the product and is a service provided by some individuals and/or companies as part of the larger forest product industry. Prohibiting direct re-sale can discourage local wood workers and small mills from utilizing locally grown forest resources.



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