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Current Rules


Proposed Rules and Reasoning

(c)  Commercial salvage permits.  The board or its authorized representative may issue commercial salvage permits for the purpose of purchasing and removing dead or hazardous trees.

(1)  A request for a commercial salvage permit shall be considered on its own merits, including its potential effect on forest reserve resources and the public’s use and enjoyment of the forest reserve.

Reasoning for proposed change: There are cases where trees are dead and/or are deemed hazardous because they are overhanging trails, fences, homes, and highways or pose some other threat to property, public health, and safety. If these trees are of commercial value or can be used by the community, it may be best to salvage and utilize the wood.  All revenue derived from commercial salvage permits will be put back into forest management.

(2)  The value of the raw material to be salvaged shall not exceed $10,000.  The quantity to be salvaged shall be decided by the board or its authorized representative.

Reasoning for proposed change: This provision limits commercial salvage revenue to $10,000 per transaction mimicking the existing commercial harvest permit limit. If the revenue potential exceeds this established threshold a more competitive process and/or a more comprehensive agreement (i.e. land license) is required. 

(3)  The time of entry for salvaging shall not exceed fourteen days for permits with designated raw material value not in excess of $1,000, or thirty days for permits with designated raw material the value of which exceeds $1,000 but does not exceed $10,000, except that the board or its authorized representative may extend this time for good cause.

Reasoning for proposed change: This provision limits the time of entry of the permittee based on the value of the material to be salvaged. This mimics existing limits on commercial harvest time of entry. Limiting time of entry encourages permittee to complete timber salvage within a reasonable time frame, minimizing any disturbance and/or inconvenience to the resources and the public.



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