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Proposed Rules and Reasoning

§13-104-25 General statement.

(a)  This subchapter establishes user fees and charges for services, facilities, and activities for forestry and recreational purposes, where applicable under the jurisdiction of the division. 

(b)  The fees and charges are:

(1)  Collected to offset the expenses of operating, maintaining, and managing the facilities and services;
(2)  Fixed with due regard to the primary purposes of providing public outdoor recreational facilities and promoting an appreciation and connection with Hawaii’s forests; and
(3)  Set by categories.

Reasoning for proposed change: This section establishes a schedule of all fees for services provided by DOFAW.  Fees are collected to offset the costs of operating, maintaining, and managing facilities and services, for example, camping fees pay for campground maintenance, rubbish disposal service, road repair, signage, and restroom facility maintenance.

(c)  The acceptance of payment or billings shall not waive the nature of trespass or ratify or permit illegal camping.

Reasoning for proposed change: This proposed provision affirms that payment of fees does not permit trespassing or illegal camping. Permitted activities must occur in locations designated in the permit, and accessed via legal access routes.

§13-104-26 Payment.

(a)  Method of payment of fees and charges shall be online by credit card or by business check, cashier’s check, money order, or cash at division branch offices or the administration office.

(b)  All fees shall be paid in advance of issuance of a permit, except as specified by chapter 13-104.

Reasoning for proposed change: This proposed provision establishes procedures for the payment of fees.   

§13-104-27 Camping and cabin rental fees.
The camping and cabin rental fees shall be set according to the amounts in Schedule A – Camping  and Cabin Rental Fees – 12/28/16.

Reasoning for proposed change: This provision establishes fees for camping and cabin rentals for the forest reserve system.  

Schedule A
Camping and Cabin Rental Fees


Maximum No. Campsites

Maximum No. Persons per campsite

Resident Fee ($/night/ campsite)

Nonresident Fee ($/night/ campsite)

Category 1

Up to 5

Up to 15



Unimproved campsite or improved campsite with minimal amenities (i.e., trailside camping or a campsite with picnic table and shelter and clivus toilet)

Category 2

1 Cabin

Up to 6

$30/night per cabin ***

$50/night per cabin ***

Improved campsite or small cabin that houses no more than 6 persons

Category 3

1 Cabin

Up to 20

$60/night per cabin ***

$90/night per cabin ***

Improved campsite or large cabin that houses 7 or more persons

Reasoning for proposed change: The board approved an updated fee schedule for camping, cabin and other recreational uses in the Forest Reserve System at its March 11, 2010, under agenda item C-4. The camping rates proposed for inclusion in the Forest Reserve Rules are based on the fees approved by the board in 2010.

§13-104-28   Commercial use permit fees.  Commercial use permit fees are listed in Schedule B – Commercial Use Permit Fees – 12/28/16 and shall apply depending on the applicable commercial activity or activities; provided that the requested recreational facility is approved for commercial use by the forestry and wildlife manager.

Schedule B
Commercial Use Permit Fees

Base commercial use permit processing fee


Price per pedestrian


Price per non-motorized bicycle or horseback rider


Price per motorized vehicle up to 5 people


Price per motorized vehicle up to 8 people


Price per motorized vehicle up to 12 people


Price per motorized vehicle up to 15+ people


Price per operator and/or passenger of aerial craft launching from and/or landing in a forest reserve


Price per campsite, facility, or cabin per day


Price per commercial film permit


Price per item/activity (miscellaneous)


Reasoning for proposed change: This provision establishes a commercial use permit fee schedule. Rates are based on previously approved commercial use rates that were set in accordance with the DLNR Recreational Renaissance Plan B from 2010. 

§13-104-29 Kiln fees. Kiln fees are listed in Schedule C – Kiln Fees – 12/28/16 and shall be paid no later than fifteen days after kiln services are rendered.

Schedule C
Kiln Fees


Unit Cost

1 – 900 Board Feet

$0.70 each

901 – 1000 Board Feet

$0.60 each

1001 – 1500 Board Feet

$0.50 each

1501 and up Board Feet

$0.40 each

Reasoning for proposed change: A wood kiln is used to lower the moisture content of lumber. This process helps prevent the lumber from rotting, warping or splitting.  These kiln services are currently only available on the island of Maui.  Rates in the fee schedule are based on an analysis of the cost associated with operating a kiln, which include but are not limited to the maintenance and operation of a forklift, electricity bills, maintenance and up keep of the kiln and staff time to monitor the wood moisture content, temperature and humidity of the kiln.

§13-104-30 Permit processing fees. The fee for the processing of an access permit for scientific research purposes shall be $50.  The fee for processing any other permit shall be $10.

Reasoning for proposed change: Issuance of a scientific research permit requires review by multiple subject matter experts and land managers. Generally, these permits are for extended periods of time which requires additional processing, provisions, and follow-up by management staff. The proposed fee for processing scientific research permits is consistent with past fees that were assessed by DOFAW for the Natural Area Reserve System. All other permits that require a less extensive review shall be assessed a $10 fee, except for collecting permits for personal use which are issued at gratis.

§13-104-31 Parking and entrance fees. The fee for parking a vehicle may be assessed at $5 per vehicle, per day.

Reasoning for proposed change: Parking fees may be assessed in areas where public recreational facilities have been developed to such a standard that require continuous upkeep, such as paved parking lots or roads.  Associated costs include the maintenance of restroom facilities, rubbish disposal services, sign maintenance, parking attendants to issue permits, security and contracting services to open and close the gate to accommodate daily parking lot hours. This fee is consistent with other DLNR managed areas.

§13-104-32 Fee for copies of rules. The fee per copy of these rules shall be 10 cents per page.  No fee shall be charged for copies furnished to federal, state, or local governmental agencies.  The fee may be waived in other instances at the discretion of the administrator or the administrator’s authorized representative when a waiver is in the public interest.

Reasoning for proposed change: This provision establishes a fee to offset the cost of providing copies of HAR §13-104. This rate is consistent with current rates charged for the service of providing copies of documents.



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