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Proposed Rules and Reasoning

[§13-104-1  Purpose and applicability.] §13-104-1  Purpose and applicability. 

(a)  The purpose of [these rules] this chapter is to regulate activity within forest reserves established pursuant to sections 183-11 and 183-15, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

(b)  These rules shall apply to all persons entering the boundaries and jurisdiction of a forest reserve.  All persons shall observe and abide by officially posted signs within forest reserves.  Everyone using the forest reserves should conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner.  Users of the forest reserves should be aware that there are [certains] certain inherent risks involved due to other users and the environment and should use caution at all times.

Reasoning for proposed change: This new language clarifies that anyone entering a forest reserve is subject to these rules as well as any additional posted signs within individual forest reserves.


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