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Proposed Rules and Reasoning

[§13-104-16  Residence on forest reserve lands.  Residing within a forest reserve is prohibited except with written permission from the board.]§13-104-16  Camping.  No person shall camp, erect any tent, tarpaulin, or other structure, or use recreational trailers or other camper units within any forest reserve, except with the prior written authorization of the board or its authorized representative and as permitted by the rules of the department.

§13-104-19 Camping permits.
(a)  All persons, groups, organizations, or associations wishing to camp within a forest reserve shall obtain a camping permit authorizing the use of the specific area and facilities for camping purposes.

Reasoning for proposed change: The prohibition on residing in a forest reserve, as it was defined in the rules is difficult to enforce. As such, the prohibition on residing on forest reserve lands has been replaced with a reaffirmation of the prohibition on camping in a forest reserve without a permit. Related changes to the definition of camping and a new definition for structure are also proposed to provide clear parameters and to enhance enforcement capability (see Definitions). 

Camping without a permit in the forest reserve is already prohibited by the current forest reserve rules. The goal of the proposed change is to assist with management and enforcement needs to prevent issues such as residential development, structures and squatting in the forest reserve.


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