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[§13-104-19  Camping permits.] §13-104-19 Camping permits.

(a)  All persons, groups, organizations, or associations wishing to camp within a forest reserve shall obtain a camping permit authorizing the use of the specific area and facilities for camping purposes[.] for the stated date or dates.

[(b) Camping permits shall be obtained from the district offices of the division during regular working hours of the department.]



Reasoning for proposed change: To make it more convenient for the public, camping permits may now be purchased online. To align our rules with this more efficient process, we are proposing to delete all provisions in the rules that state that permits shall be obtained from the district offices during regular business hours. This statement is repeated in four of the permit provision in HAR §13-104.  All are proposed for deletion for similar reasoning.

[(e)] (c) No person, group, organization, or association shall remain at any one specific camping site for  longer than seven days; provided that the board or its authorized representative may extend the length of stay for good cause[; provided further that the length of stay (including the extension as well as the permitted stay) shall not exceed fourteen days].



Reasoning for proposed change: The provision prohibiting camping for longer than 14 days is proposed for deletion.There are specific cases where it may be necessary to camp for longer periods of time. Contractors working in extremely remote locations are able to use their time and resources more efficiently by staying on site for the duration of the project.

[(g)] (e)[Permits] Camping permits may be denied, canceled, or terminated for the following reasons:

(1)  When the size of the group will exceed or exceeds the capacity of the existing site or facilities;
(2)  When there are inadequate facilities to meet the immediate needs of the camper or campers;
(3)  When repairs or improvements are being made at the campsite; or
(4)  When a state of emergency is declared or for other reasons involving the health, safety, and welfare of the applicants or permittees; [by the board or its authorized representative] upon the declaration of the board or its authorized representative. 

Reasoning for proposed change: This proposed rule change expands DOFAW’s ability to deny, cancel or terminate camping permits in emergency situations. Real world scenarios include an approaching   hurricane, active lava flows, mosquito born disease concerns, hazardous road conditions, and high wind events.


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