2020 Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Month



The State of Hawaii is hosting the 3rd annual Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Month (HISAM) for the month of February 2020. HISAM is an expansion on the past 7 years of hosting the Hawaii Invasive Species Awareness Week and is organized in coordination with the U.S. National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW). HISAM seeks to promote information sharing and public engagement in what the Hawaii State Legislature has declared “the single greatest threat to Hawaii’s economy and natural environment and to the health and lifestyle of Hawaii’s people.”


CHECK OUT THE EVENTS LIST AND GET INVOLVED: TBA – Please email your Event Information to: [email protected] at your earliest convenience and no later than 1/15/20.


8th Annual HISC Awards 

Recognizing individuals and groups for their outstanding service to Hawaii in the fight against invasive species.

Award Categories :  

  • Business Leader: Recognizes an individual in the private sector or a business that has demonstrated leadership in their role of protecting Hawaii from invasive species.
  • Community Hero: Recognizes a community member or community-based group that has been a shining example of dedication to prevent and/or manage invasive species.
  • Greatest Hit: Recognizes an individual, organization, or agency responsible for one of the major invasive species highlights in the areas of research, prevention, control, and/or public outreach.
  • Island MVPs: Four awards will be given in this category and are selected by the various island Invasive Species Committees to recognize an individual or group that has made substantial contributions towards advancing invasive species management in Hawaii.