Posted on Jan 22, 2020

To protect native Hawaiian forest in northwestern of Kaua’i, the State of Hawaii’s DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife has proposed Kauai Honopu Vicinity Predator Action Plan.  These forests contain the last individuals of many species of rare plants, as well as important seabird habitat (Honopu Seabird Conservation Initiative: Implementation Plan) .  Without any action, these unique Kaua’i species will likely go extinct within a few years.  This plan also will reduce erosion that muddies the beaches and coral reefs in this region and protect ancient Hawaiian archaeological sites and their cultural legacy. 

Honopu Current & Proposed Plans

  Upcoming Changes

  • New fences will be constructed to protect native forests and rare plants and animals from hooved animals and other predators. Gates and step-overs will be constructed to allow hikers and cultural practitioners to easily access inside the hooved animal-free fences. While these fences remove hunting areas, the Department has recently added over 4,000 acres of new hunting areas in more accessible areas on Kauaʻi.
  • New hunting opportunities will be provided for any new fenced areas via temporary permits that may alter the day, season or time for some sections of Unit H and Unit K along the cliffs of Kalalau where endangered species are high in numbers. Maintenance trails will be improved to help hunter access.

    The Department is interested in getting input from hunters on additional ways to improve hunter access to this region. Please send us your thoughts at [email protected].

  •  The Department will expand predator removal, invasive weed control, and outplanting in this area, and will continue to provide community volunteer trips.