Explore Kauaʻi from Home

Explore Kauaʻi from Home

Below we’ve highlighted some of the latest educational content from Kauaʻi. We also have information on Kauaʻi plants and Kauaʻi animals. Take a look and then scroll down to find more opportunities to learn from our statewide education pages, which include also content about Kauaʻi.

Join DOFAW on a virtual field trip along the Wailua River.

Great Big Story follows botanist Steve Perlman in his adventures to save Kauaʻi’s rarest plants.

Lehua’s seabirds are safe at last.

An image of Lehua Island linking to a storymap titled Lehua Island: Past & Future

Take a tour through time and learn about the journey of this seabird sanctuary.

More to Explore

Our education pages have a number of ways for you to explore Kauaʻi from home, as well as ideas and information to help you get outside and experience it in person. You can also learn about Kauaʻi by visiting our pages for DOFAW-managed lands on Kauaʻi, and you can find more educational resources by visiting our Education Homepage.

An image of a paper craft iʻiwi linking to activities: crafts, games, and more
An image of a fern unrolling linking to educator resources
An image of a mountain view linking in info on requesting a presentation or service trip
An image of Betsy Gagne at Kaʻena Point linking to info on Conservation Leaders