Kauaʻi Announcements

Kauaʻi Announcements

At DOFAW we want to make sure we are keeping in touch with the community and providing necessary information in a way that is easy for you. Depending on the scope of an announcement, you might find it in a few places:

  • Island announcements: Updates specific to your local branch of DOFAW (Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Maui Nui, Hawai‘i Island) can be found here on your announcements page. The posts below are in addition to, not in place, of those department-wide or division-wide announcements, and are usually created by on-branch staff specifically for your community.
  • DOFAW statewide announcements: Check here for announcements related to more than one branch, or to all branches in the division.
  • DLNR Newsroom: This page provides the official news releases for DLNR, including DOFAW but for other divisions of DLNR as well.

Kauaʻi Announcements:

An image of Kauaʻi mountains at Kawaikini

Special-use permit for researchers working across Kauaʻi State Parks and Forestry and Wildlife lands

A special-use permit is now available from the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife and Division of State Parks. This permit is designed for researchers and workers working across lands on Kauaʻi that are managed… Read More »

image of lehua

Art Exhibition – Lehua: An Island Reborn

Celebrating Lehua Island through Art Forestry and Wildlife is partnering with Island Conservation and the Kaua’i Society of Artists to host an art show focused on the natural beauty, native species, and the powerful mana… Read More »

2022 Kauai Hunting Announcements

Hunting Encouraged in Unit E2, Including Nā Pali-Kona Forest Reserve Kauaʻi Division of Forestry and Wildlife would like to encourage public hunting in Unit E2, recently enclosed areas, by temporarily allowing overnight camping at designated… Read More »

DOFAW Kauai Drop Off Box

  To give the public the opportunity to submit applications, forms, etc. to our DOFAW Kauai office; A drop off box has been installed on the side of the state building.  All forms of payments… Read More »

Loop Road Re-Opening

  LOOP ROAD STATUS OPENING OF WAILUA FOREST MANAGEMENT ROAD “LOOP ROAD” Completed road construction  The road, better known as loop road has been closed for 3 years due to flood damage in 2018.  Repairs… Read More »

Kauai Forest Users Interactive Web Map

Want to know information about DOFAW Kauai forestry lands? This map allows you to click on various layers that include: Hunting units, hiking trails, proposed projects and many more information.  Use this interactive web map… Read More »


Decade-Long Eradication Effort at State Sea Bird Sanctuary is Complete Photos courtesy of Marci Brimhall and DLNR  (LĪHUʻE) – Just in time for Earth Day 2021, Lehua Island, the tiny, but mighty island off Kaua‘i’s… Read More »


Extra vigilance now needed to prevent further spread (LĪHU‘E) – For the first time, the more virulent of two fungal pathogens known to cause Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death has been confirmed in the Kōke‘e area along Miloliʻi… Read More »

Hunters sought to assist with animal removal in upper Honopu

HUNTERS SOUGHT TO ASSIST WITH ANIMAL REMOVAL IN UPPER HONOPU   (LIHU‘E) –The DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) will soon begin constructing a fence in the upper Honopū Valley. The purpose of this… Read More »

Kaua’i Forest User Website

Here you can learn about the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife’s proposed Kaua’í projects, as well as provide your mana’o as a forest user. Hunters, hikers, cultural practitioners, and other visitors are the eyes… Read More »


To protect native Hawaiian forest in northwestern of Kaua’i, the State of Hawaii’s DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife has proposed Kauai Honopu Vicinity Predator Action Plan.  These forests contain the last individuals of many… Read More »

Rapid Ohia Death -Kauai

Rapid Ohia Death is on Kauai! Rapid ‘Ohi’a death (ROD) is an identified fungal disease currently attacking and killing ‘ohi’a on the island of Hawai’i, Kauai, Maui & Oahu.  In May of 2018,within the Moloa’a… Read More »