Kauaʻi Lands & Management

Kauaʻi Lands & Management

The Division of Forestry and Wildlife manages a wide variety of lands on behalf of the public. You can learn about the lands we manage on Kauaʻi by exploring the links below to Kauaʻi Forest Reserves, Natural Area Reserves, and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Or, explore the webmap below to find reserves, trails, and campsites near you. If you click on a reserve, trail, or campsite in the webmap, further information will show up in a pop-up box, including links to additional webpages if available.

If you are interested in the management strategies Forestry & Wildlife utilizes, we provide detailed information on our statewide Lands & Management Classifications page. Forestry  & Wildlife staff have developed a set of classifications wherein lands can identified as high (1) to low (4) priority for different management activities or types, including conservation management, forest products management, hunting management, recreation management, and vegetation resource management. A web map on that page will allow users to zoom into their island or area of interest and see how different areas have been classified.

Place Pages

Use the links below for additional information on Kauaʻi areas managed by Forestry & Wildlife. Not every reserve or managed area has a Place Page. In addition to the protected areas below, Kauaʻi has game management areas and public hunting areas that you can learn about on the Hunt Kauaʻi page.

An image of mountains linking to Kauaʻi Forest Reserves
An image of Lehua island linking to Kauaʻi Wildlife Sanctuaries
An image of the Nā Pali coast linking to Kauaʻi Natural Area Reserves


The map below shows areas on Kauaʻi managed by Forestry & Wildlife. For context, the map also shows reserves managed by other entities (e.g., Division of State Parks, or US Fish and Wildlife Service). If you have trouble loading the map, try opening it in a new browser window.