Spring Volunteer Outplanting!

Posted on Mar 3, 2015 in News and Events

We need your kōkua...volunteer!

Volunteer Outplanting

Ka‘ohe Restoration Area day trips
Pu‘u Mali Restoration Area campovers

Join us as we thaw out of winter and start our planting season on Mauna Kea. We’ll be planting māmane, ‘a‘ali‘i, ‘āweoweo and other species at the Ka‘ohe Restoration Area and Pu‘u Mali Restoration Area. We’ll be working at about 6,500 feet on the southwestern slope of Mauna Kea and we’ll keep a look out for a palila or two!

Choose from two experiences: day trip to Ka‘ohe Restoration Area or campover at our remote Pu‘u Mali Restoration Area.

Spring 2015 Volunteer dates:
March 16-19 (Mon.-Thurs.);
Pu‘u Mali Campover
March 21 (Sat.); Ka‘ohe Day Trip
March 23 (Mon.); Ka‘ohe Day Trip
March 24 (Tues.); Ka‘ohe Day Trip
April 7 (Tues.); Ka‘ohe Day Trip
April 8 (Wed); Ka‘ohe Day Trip
April 13-16 (Mon.-Thurs.);
Pu‘u Mali Campover

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