Volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary or Natural Area Reserve

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 in Featured, Main

Join us for a day of mālama at one of our Wildlife Sanctuaries or Natural Area Reserves!

1st Saturdays Volunteer Day at Kawainui Wildlife Sanctuary

The Hawai‘i Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife is restoring the Kawainui-Hamakua Complex to create wetland habitat for four endangered Hawaiian waterbirds present at the marsh: Aeʻo (Hawaiian stilt), ʻAlaeʻula (Hawaiian gallinule), ʻAlaeʻkeʻokeʻo (Hawaiian coot) and Koloa Maoli (Hawaiian duck). Volunteers are needed to assist in planting native wetland sedges and removing invasive species that over crowd nesting areas, compete with native species, and prevent water flow. 

Help restore native habitat for endangered waterbirds in Hawaii’s largest wetland! Click here to sign up.

1st Saturday’s Volunteer Day at Kawainui Wildlife Sanctuary

Natural Area Reserves (NAR) were established to preserve in perpetuity specific land and water areas which support communities, as relatively unmodified as possible, of the natural flora and fauna, as well as geological sites, of Hawai‘i. The system presently consists of 21 reserves on five islands, encompassing 123,810 acres of the State’s most unique ecosystems. The diverse areas found in the NARS range from marine and coastal environments to lava flows, tropical rainforests, and even an alpine desert. Within these areas one can find rare endemic plants and animals, many of which are on the edge of extinction.

Current volunteer opportunities are available at Kaʻena, Pahole, and Kaʻala NAR, check the iVolunteer site for upcoming trips to a NAR.