Volunteer and Media Release Forms

In order to ensure the safety of volunteers, all participants must complete both the Volunteer Waiver and the Media Release Waiver prior to enrolling in opportunities with the State Department of Land and Natural Resources. Our Media Release Waiver is used for both volunteer events and other types of events where individuals may be featured in outreach photos, videos, or audio produced by the department.

If you are volunteering, you may want to consider this example volunteer checklist for examples of clothing and expectations. Note that this is an example only; the needs of your particular volunteer experience will depend on the location and activity type. Ask the event coordinator for specifics.

1) Volunteer Waiver

Our Volunteer Waiver is used for liability purposes, and is officially titled “Agreement for Individual Voluntary Service for Conservation Projects.” You can use this form for yourself or for minors for whom you are completing the form. You can download the Volunteer Waiver as a blank PDF or complete the form online using eSign, below.


  • The eSign form directs the completed form to the Information and Education Coordinator within the Forestry and Wildlife (you as the signee also receive a copy). Make sure to forward a copy of your completed agreement to the person running your volunteer event.
  • Minors attending a volunteer event must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or another responsible adult. For minors attending an event without their parent/guardian, two forms are required: one signed by the parent/guardian of the minor, and one signed by the responsible adult who will be accompanying the minor to the event (e.g., a teacher, chaperone, etc). Both forms must identify the minor’s name on page 2.

If the embedded eSign portal above is not working, use this direct link to the eSign Volunteer Waiver.

2) Media Release Waiver

Our Media Release Waiver allows your likeness to appear in photos, videos, or audio. This waiver should be completed for volunteer events or other types of events where photos/video/audio may be collected. You can download the Media Release Waiver as a blank PDF, or complete the form online using eSign, below.

If the embedded eSign portal above is not working, use this direct link to the eSign Media Release Waiver.