Burial Council Members



Island Burial councils have scheduled meetings once each month on their respective islands. All Council members are appointed by the Governor of Hawai`i and confirmed by the Senate for a four year term. Expiration dates for council members are shown in parentheses following their names. No council member may serve more than two consecutive terms. All meetings by the council are open to the public. Any person may submit oral or written testimony to the council regarding a matter under consideration, provided that applicants first submit a written request to the department to be placed on the council meeting agenda. For more details on the History & Culture Branch or the Island Burial Councils, please refer to the program rules and regulations. Click here to see meeting agendas and minutes for an Island Burial Council.



Chair: Edwin Miranda (06/30/15)
Vice-Chair: Pate-Kahakalau, E. Nalei (06/30/16)

Kalena Blakemore (06/30/15)
Fred Cachola, Jr. (06/30/17)
Kimo Lee (06/30/15)
Mary Maxine Kahaulelio(06/30/15)
Keikialoha Kekipi (06/30/17)



Chair: Keith Yap (06/30/15)
Vice-Chair: Maunakea Trask (06/30/16)

Janet Bradford (06/30/15)
Wayne Harada (06/30/18)
Nathan Kalama ( 06/30/16)
Leiana Robinson (06/30/12)
Debra U. Ruiz (06/30/15)
Barbara Say (06/30/17)


Chair: Kapulani Antonio (06/30/16)
Vice Chair:
Dane Maxwell (06/30/17)

Kaheleonalani Dukelow (06/30/19)
Kalani Ho-Nikaido (06/30/19)
Johanna Kamaunu (06/30/17)
Leiane Paci (06/30/19)
Nani Watanabe (06/30/17)

O`AHU (6)

Chair: Charles Andrew Ehrhorn (06/30/17)
Vice-Chair: Aulii Mitchell (06/30/19)

          Mana Caceres (06/30/19)              Danna Holck (06/30/20)
Kali Fermantez (06/30/21)
 Beverly Amaral (06/30/21) 




Edward Ayau (06/30/17)
Frances Cobb-Adams (06/30/19)
Michelle Pescala (06/30/16)