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SHPD is comprised of three branches, Architecture, Archaeology, and History & Culture, and together they collectively strive to preserve and protect Hawaiʻi’s historic identity.  In Hawaiʻi, looking back is an integral part of going forward.  SHPD is a part of ensuring that Hawaiʻi’s treasured past is here for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

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Nominated and Listed Properties on the Hawaiʻi and National Registers of Historic Places. Updated July 11, 2022



The DLNR State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) is announcing the third and final in a series of public meetings for the Statewide Historic Preservation Plan. 

The five-year strategic plan is intended to help create goals for historic preservation in the state and inform the activities of the SHPD. Completion of this plan is required for Hawaiʻi to remain eligible to receive federal funds from the National Park Service. The plan’s purpose is to bring together historic preservation professionals and interested community members to craft ways to better manage historic properties in our state. The plan assesses historic preservation needs, priorities, goals, challenges, and opportunities and will highlight recommendations for future management of historic properties in Hawaiʻi.  

Historic properties include, but are not limited to:  

  • Historic buildings 
  • Archaeological sites  
  • Burials  
  • Aviation artifacts  
  • Cultural landscapes 
  • Historic districts such as Chinatown 
  • Loʻi  
  • Fishponds  
  • Heiau and traditional cultural properties

Community input is essential to effective historic preservation planning and this plan will be informed by the overall comments from these meetings. All comments related to historic preservation are welcome during these meetings. The comments from these initial meetings will be used to help develop future-focused and topical public meetings.


To better understand what the current plan will include, please review the previous plan: Hawaii State Preservation Plan for 2012-2017

Audio files from each meeting (3 each):

First meeting on January 14th below:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:


Second meeting on February 8th below:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:


Third meeting on March 15th below:

Hour 1 & 2:

Hour 3:


Please forward any questions to the SHPD Preservation Plan email address: [email protected]




    As part of the State’s efforts to limit transmission of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Hawaiʻi State Historic Preservation Division’s (SHPD) offices are closed to the public until further notice. Communications with SHPD must be done electronically via the Hawaii Cultural Resource Information System (HICRIS).

    To report the inadvertent discovery of a burial site call.

    On Kaua`i please call: (808) 896-0475

    On Hawai`i Island please call: (808) 430-5709

    On Maui please call: (808) 436-6518

    On O`ahu please call: (808) 436-4801 

    Please visit the SHPD website for further information and a list of SHPD contacts here:

    Official notice: COVID 19


I Mua Mondays: Beginning on Monday, April 8, 2019, SHPD will institute “I MUA MONDAYS.” Every Monday, until terminated or suspended in writing by the Administrator, SHPD will be closed to the public; we will not accept meetings, phone calls, emails, or “walk-ins” on Mondays. The SHPD Library will be closed to the public. This policy has been approved at the highest levels in the Administration.

I Mua Mondays will allow SHPD staff to work on critical technical and administrative tasks without interruption. This will eliminate distractions and help us expedite processing of project reviews, and the rest of our essential work. All SHPD staff are required to comply with the policies in this memorandum without exception.

Library Notice: SHPD library material does not circulate and all research must take place in our offices. Photocopies may be made at $0.50 per printed page per HRS Section 92-21 governing duplication and reproduction fees. The Kapolei office also provides a scanner for your use and you may save scans to a CD/DVD (no thumb drives). All researchers (public, agencies, etc.) must request an appointment. This allows SHPD to determine if the library is available at the requested time or has been previously reserved for a meeting or conference call. Make an appointment to visit the Kapolei library by emailing: [email protected]. SHPD staff are not available to conduct research on behalf of the public, agencies, etc., but SHPD staff are available to: schedule appointments and assist with access/training on the use of the scanner. (2/21/2019)