UPDATE: 02/17/2017 Administrative Rules Amendments

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For Immediate Release February 17, 2017

UPDATE: The effective date for the new fees will be Monday, February 27, 2017.  Below is a listing of what the new fees will be.

The Bureau of Conveyances (Bureau) has proposed amendments to the Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 13-16 (Rules Relating to Conveyances) to provide for electronic recording as authorized by Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 502, to update the current fee schedule, and to make technical changes to reduce restatement of the underlying statutes.  On January 13, 2017, the Board of Land and Natural Resources, as authorized by HRS Chapter 502, approved to adopt the proposed amendments.  The Governor has since approved the amended Rules and filed it with the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

The Rules in its entirety can be viewed at https://ltgov.hawaii.gov/the-office/administrative-rules or obtained in person at the Bureau of Conveyances offices at 1151 Punchbowl Street Room 121, from 8:00AM to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday except State Holidays. 

Recording any instrument up to and including 50 pages (1)

Regular System – $41

Land Court – $36

Recording any instrument of 51 pages or more (1)

Regular System – $106

Land Court – $101

For entry of original certificate of title or for making and entering a new certificate of title


For each additional memorandum on certificates required by any one instrument


For a certified copy of any certificate of title


For a certified copy of any instrument recorded or filed in the Bureau or Office of the assistant registrar

$10 plus $1 per page

For an uncertified copy of any instrument recorded or filed in the Bureau or Office of the assistant registrar

$1 per page

For searching the records, when personnel is available for searching (Note: scope of search is limited)

$50 per hour

For the registrar’s certificate pursuant to section 490-9:525, HRS

$25 plus $5 for each financing statement and for each statement of assignment reported

(1) Prices includes the $1 State Archives Preservation Fee established by Act 88, SLH 2013 and the $5 Automation Fee established by Act 120 SLH 2009, if applicable)


Administrative Rules Amendment Communication Letter