Business customers such as title companies, banks or lenders, credit bureaus or attorneys may find the information below helpful.

Why documents are returned

  • Some documents sent to the Bureau of Conveyances for recording may not adhere to specific rules or statutes and will prevent the recording of the document.
  • Click here for a sample of the rejection notice that will indicate the specific reason why a document could not be recorded.


  • The Bureau of Conveyances offers electronic recording or e-Recording services for both Regular System and Land Court documents.
  • Visit our e-Recording page for details regarding the approved vendors who can provide e-Recording services.

**Effective Tuesday, 10/17/17, we will begin accepting Land Court documents.**

Obtaining Copies of Documents

  • For documents recorded prior to 1992 research can be conducted in our Public Reference Room located at 1151 Punchbowl St, room #123, every business day from 8:15AM to 4:15PM, except State Holidays.
  • For documents recorded from 1976 up until 60 days prior to today, go to online records.
  • Search by grantor/grantee name OR document number.
  • Copies can be downloaded at a fee of $1 per page.
  • To find your document number based on a tax map key (TMK), go to our Resources page.
  • For documents recorded within the past 60 days, send a written request by email to [email protected].  You MUST include the check number used to pay for the recording fees.

Confirming Mailed Documents were Recorded

  • Include a copy of the original document with a postage paid self-addressed envelope.  The copy will be labeled with document number, date and time of recording and mailed back upon recordation.
  • If you mailed the document without a copy and postage paid envelope, or are trying to confirm recording prior to receiving the copy, call (808) 587-0140 or (808) 587-0030, with the check number that was used to pay for your recording fees.