General Public

Obtaining Copies of Documents

  • For documents recorded prior to 1976 research can be conducted in our Public Reference Room located at 1151 Punchbowl St, room #123, every business day from 8:15AM to 4:15PM, except State Holidays.  You may also submit a written request which must include a)Requestor’s contact information; b) The document number (Book & Page) of the document along with any other information like the grantor/grantee/type of document; c)Note if you would like your document Certified; d)Self-addressed stamped envelope and e)Payment – check payable to “Bureau of Conveyances” cost is $35.00 per document + a $10.00 processing fee.  Mail requests to: Bureau of Conveyances P.O. Box 2867 Honolulu, HI 96803
  • For documents recorded from 1976 to present, go to BOC Online Document Access
  • Search by grantor/grantee name OR document number
  • Copies can be downloaded at a fee of $1 per page or via subscriber account 
  • To find your document number based on a tax map key go to our Resources page

Name and/or Tenancy Change

  • Changing your name or tenancy on a property can have serious personal, estate and tax implications.
  • The Bureau of Conveyances highly recommends that you seek the help of a licensed legal professional or title company who works regularly with real property conveyances to ensure that your documents meet your personal situation as well as the State’s recording standards.

**Please note, The Bureau of Conveyances does not provide the following:

  • Advice and/or assistance in completing documents for recording
  • Pre-printed forms
  • Research assistance

How To Check If My Release of Mortgage Has Been Filed

  • Generally the lender holding your mortgage is responsible for recording the proper documentation with the Bureau of Conveyances.
  • You can verify that a “Release” was recorded by visiting our document search website and searching by Grantor or Grantee name or by the specific document number and looking for the document type “Release”.  You must create an account to access the system via the Daily Purchases, Non-Subscriber Account link. 

Bureau of Conveyances’ Role with Liens

  • The Bureau of Conveyances has NO responsibility for creating or removing liens, it is the sole responsibility of the property owner and the lienor or filer of the lien.
  • Contact the filing entity directly for detailed information regarding the lien.  (For example, contact the Internal Revenue Service and/or Hawaii Department of Taxation for unpaid tax liens.)
  • If your lien was satisfied or paid off and does not have a recorded “Release”, you must work with the lienor to get this “Release” document issued and recorded with the Bureau of Conveyances.
  • You can verify if a “Release” has been recorded by visiting our document search website.