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Subscription Services Transition

The Bureau of Conveyances launched its new data subscription services.  If you are a current subscriber of Online Bulk Image, Online Indexed Document Search and Download System “LandShark” or Online Bulk Index Download System and haven’t confirmed interest to continue your current services, please email [email protected].

Click here for the new document ordering system.


All users are required to create an user account to access the Document Search & Ordering system.  Once registered you may search the system without cost and only pay when purchasing a document via credit card or through your subscription.

When searching and reviewing documents, all documents will be blurred and contain a “not valid” watermark which will be REMOVED upon purchase or download.  


     Credit card subscribers, $1 per page per document.  Example, Five page document would cost $5 and applicable service fees. 

     Monthly document subscriptions:  Unlimited, $1000 per month and Public, $50 per month and $3 per document.  Example, three documents downloaded for the month, $50 plus $9 (3 documents @ $3), total $59.00.  Service fees applied subscription accounts.


Click here for the new document ordering system.

Our user-friendly document search and order site for copies of any documents recorded with the Bureau of Conveyances since January 1976, for a fee.

eRecording Information regarding cost to eRecord, what is accepted and vendor options.