CREO Duties

Conservation and Resources Enforcement Officers (CREO),
duties; other law enforcement officers;


§199-3 (a) The conservation and resources enforcement officers, with respect to all state lands, including public lands, state parks, forest reserves, forests, aquatic life and wildlife areas, Kaho`olawe island reserve, and any other lands and waters within the State, shall:


(1) Enforce title 12, chapters 6D, 6E, and 6K, and rules adopted thereunder;

(2) Investigate complaints, gather evidence, conduct investigations, and conduct field observations and inspections as required or assigned;

(3) Cooperate with enforcement authorities of the State, counties, and federal government in development of programs and mutual aid agreements for conservation and resources enforcement activities within the State;

(4) Cooperate with established search and rescue agencies of the counties and the federal government in developing plans and programs and mutual aid agreements for search and rescue activities within the State;

(5) Check and verify all leases, permits, and licenses issued by the department of land and natural resources;

(6) Enforce the laws relating to firearms, ammunition, and dangerous weapons contained in chapter 134;

(7) Enforce the laws in chapter 291E relating to operating a vessel on or in the waters of the State while using intoxicants;

(8) Whether through a specifically designated marine patrol or otherwise, enforce the rules in the areas of boating safety, conservation, and search and rescue relative to the control and management of boating facilities owned or controlled by the State, ocean waters, and navigable streams and any activities thereon or therein, and beaches encumbered with easements in favor of the public, and the rules regulating vessels and their use in the waters of the State; and

(9) Carry out other duties and responsibilities as the board of land and natural resources from time to time may direct.

(b) Every state and county officer charged with the enforcement of laws and ordinances shall enforce and assist in the enforcement of title 12, chapters 6E and 6K, and rules adopted thereunder and in the enforcement of chapters 266 and 267 and of all rules adopted thereunder. [L 1978, c 171, pt of §1; am L 1981, c 85, §112; am L 1987, c 364, §1; am L 1991, c 272, §5; am L 1996, c 296, §2; am L 1997, c 17, §1; am L 2000, c 189, §24; am L 2004, c 142, §10]