Additional Resources


We should put our PEIS info and updated rat fact sheet at the top of this page, along with any other recent information

Call to Action Informational Brochure by Conservation Council for Hawai‘i

Hawaiʻi Department of Health Vector Control information on Rats and Mice:


PROJECTS AND STUDIES (is there an updated list??)

Ka‘ena Point Restoration

(link to? Read about Invasive Rats and the Fiji Petrel on Gau Island.

Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust

Assessment of Hazards to Non-Native Mongooses and Feral Cats from the Broadcast Application of Rodenticide Bait in Native Hawaiian Forests by Peter A. Dunlevy and Earl W. Campbell III

Broadcast Application of a Placebo Rodenticide Bait in a Native Hawaiian Forest by Peter A. Dunlevy, Earl W. Campbell III and Gerald D. Lindsey

Ecological and Human Health Hazards from Broadcast Application of Diphacinone Rodenticide Baits in Native Hawaiian Ecosystems by John D. Elsemann and Catherine E. Swift

EPA Rodenticide Reregistartion Eligibility Decision

Potential Risks of Nine Rodenticides to Birds and Nontarget Mammals: a Comparative Approach by William Erickson, EPA and Douglas Urban, EPA

From Small Maria to Massive Campbell: Forty Years of Rat Eradications from New Zealand Islands by David R. Towns and Keith G. Broome


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