After centuries of negative impacts from introduced animals, insects, and invasive plants, the high-elevation forest of Mauna Kea and its wildlife need our help. With intensive management by partnerships with the State and Federal governments, non-profits, and volunteers, the forest will be protected for generations to come.



Palila Managment
Forest Restoration
Critical Habitat Fence
Sheep Eradication
Fire Management

Fire Management


Minimizing fire’s destructive impacts

The Mauna Kea Wildland Fire Management Plan was completed in 2011 to strategize protection of palila critical habitat from fires. DLNR is maintaining roads and firebreaks which, in case of a fire, reduce the risk of fire spreading to a larger area. Additionally, in 2014 DLNR will install two 40,000 gallon water tanks in palila critical habitat to assist with future fire-fighting efforts. Each holding tank will feed a smaller, open fire dip tank that will be accessed by helicopters equipped with dip buckets.

Mauna Kea Dip tank map