Palila Forest Discovery Trail

Eurasian boar (c) Fischer.H

Eurasian Boar

Sus scrofa,


The Eurasian boar was introduced to Hawai‘i by British Captain Vancouver in 1792 along with cattle, horses, goats, and sheep.  While Hawaiians reared small domesticated Polynesian pigs in captivity, the Eurasian boar quickly began to spread within Hawai‘i’s forests. The Eurasian boar has been identified as a pest across the world where it has been introduced. In wet forests, the wallows and hollowed eaten logs create mosquito habitat, which encourages the spread of avian malaria–a direct that to Hawai‘i’s birds.  Hunting is encouraged as a tool to reduce Eurasian boar populations.

Video of a Eurasian boar eating mamane leaves on Mauna Kea: